‘Charlotte in Love’ Explores the Courtship and Brief Marriage of Charlotte Bronte


Charlotte Bronte was well known for her books, such as Jane Eyre and Villette. Her characters endured dramatic hardships in the name of love, and according to the book Charlotte in Love, the author’s personal letters were no exception to her writing. Raised in the small town of Haworth with her father Patrick, the head of the local church, Charlotte lived a life devoted to her family and her writing. She turned down multiple marriage proposals, but there was one that startled her. Her father’s curate, Arthur Nichols, blindsided her when he revealed his great affection to her. Bronte found herself conflicted between hurting a man who loved her, and disobeying her father’s wishes.

Charlotte in Love tells the story of Arthur Nichols, as he is unable to do it for himself due to a lack of availablity documentation from him. Much has been written of Charlotte Bronte, but very little of the curate she married, and what is written is often negative at that. Author Brian Wilks does what he can to open up the subject and show Nichol and Bronte’s relationship for what it really was.

Charlotte in Love is filled with information about the life of Bronte and her family, but it often spends time comparing her work to her life. This sometimes causes the pages to read like a college research paper. For someone doing research, the book provides a great deal of interesting theories on Bronte’s emotions while exploring her writing.

Charlotte in Love is available from Endeavor Publishing.


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