“Granny Forks a Fugitive”: A Well-Suited Conclusion to the Granny Books


Granny Forks a FugitiveWhen we last left Granny, she had foiled a crime and, prepared to resume her wedding, saw someone and fainted, leaving  Granny Forks a Fugitive by Julie Seedorf to begin several months later at the birthday of Granny and her long-lost and intentionally forgotten twin sister. Traveling to her home farm, she finds a dead man, whom she identifies as Robert Blackford, the love of her life, whom her identical twin ran away with years earlier, pretending to be Granny. Later that night, the women of Fuchsia, MN decide to throw her a party by visiting the farmhouse in the middle of that night and find yet another dead body in the cellar, leading to a night of interrogation by the police.

Now it seems that someone wants to kill Granny and/or Amelia, her identical twin. So Franklin, Granny’s fiance, tries to guard Amelia, while Granny’s neighbor, “supercilious Silas,” tries to watch over Granny, who refuses to be babysat.

One of the funniest scenes in this book comes when the killer steals Granny’s car and tries to run her down. Granny’s motley group of animals dashes across the street, knocking her over. Mrs. Bleaty, the goat, softens Granny’s fall by getting behind her as Baskerville, the large dog knocks her over. Then the other animals cover her, licking her all over, leaving little of Granny to see. 

As I’ve mentioned in reviews of prior books, in each book, Granny manages to add some new animals to her collection. In the first book, Granny Hooks a Crook, she begins with a cat named Fish and adds Little White Poodle, Furball, and Tank. Because this quartet gets themselves in trouble so often, Granny calls them The Shysters. Then, in the second book, Granny Skewers a Scoundrel, Baskerville, a large dog owned by the villain in the first book, and then Mrs. Bleaty,  the goat, join the pack. Since these two help the Shysters but don’t always job in, these two take on the nickname of The Cohorts. In Granny Snows a Sneak, Mrs. Bleaty falls in love with Radish, the talking parrot who belongs to Granny’s new neighbor Silas. And now this book sees the addition of Mr. Pigster, who has made Radish embarrassed because Radish can’t oink properly!

I really love to see the strength and resilience of Granny, both as a woman and a senior citizen. In this book, her weapon turns from a shovel in the previous book into a pink pitchfork, and she is ready to use it. Granny shows exuberance toward life and living it to its fullest. No matter the craziest situations, Granny has confidence and internal strength. Further, this book contains a great change in uniting the women of Fuchsia to team up to solve the mystery and support Granny when the men are less group-oriented.

I really love the narration of Priscilla Finch, who has a gentle, soothing voice. Since Granny is so silly, you need a nice balance in tone to make the book work successfully. Finch also has a great voice for the sing-song tones used in Granny’s rhymes for everything.

Granny Forks a Fugitive is a highly delightful book with creative characters and quirky situations. Each book in this series seems to get funnier and more enjoyable, and I highly recommend the series, though it is valuable to start with the first book and work your way through them in order. I rate this book five stars.

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