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I Dared the Duke by Anna BennetI Dared the Duke is the next edition in the Wayward Wallflowers Novels, written by Anna Bennett, that will be hitting book shelves on April 4, 2017.

In the first book, My Brown-Eyed Earl, readers got to fall in love with the oldest Lacey sister, Meg. While Meg still has several cameo appearances in this second novel, it explores the budding romance of Meg’s little sister, Elizabeth “Beth” Lacey.

The same passion and romance that Bennett is famous for bringing to the page is here in her latest novel, but this time with a twist of mystery attached. Beth Lacey is serving as a companion for Alexander “Alex” Savage’s grandmother. If Alex were any other man, this would be fine. However, Alex is the notorious Duke of Blackshire, who is known throughout London for his less than kind disposition, and his womanizing abilities. This wouldn’t have bothered Beth if she wasn’t living in the Duke’s house. `Both strong willed people, Beth and Alex can’t seem to get along. They are shocked when their disdain for each other becomes a heated passion. However, there is just one problem: Someone is trying to murder Alex and until he can discover and stop his assailant, everyone the Duke loves is at risk.

I’m glad this book was written because it develops the secondary characters that were introduced in the first novel. As a reader, I was happy to revisit the same world through the lenses of different people. Beth was especially impressive to me. She strikes me as a woman who was born before her time. In a time when women are supposed to be submissive, she questions male authority and doesn’t take no for an answer. She’s the only woman that Alex has ever met that can match his wits. She reads like an early feminist who takes action within the limits that society has created for her.

Adding the threat to Alex’s life in this novel was also an excellent tactic for creating suspense. The fact that he didn’t know who the villain was made it even better. I liked that this independent man finds the culprit through a plan created by Beth, a woman.

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