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Curse Words #3The idea of a superhero vigilante protecting the city is a common trend. We no longer bat at eye of a masked caped crusader in the shadows or a character that can swoop between buildings thanks to the tensile strength of cobwebs. Would it  be too much of a stretch to believe that a Wizard with altruistic intentions can join that superhero landscape?

Well, if you add in a talking koala named Margaret (#Margaret), then you betcha!

A long while ago, a powerful magic using man named Wizord descended upon our world with the sole intent of activating a spell to bring doom to mankind. Except while he was readying the spells he was able to look around and sniff the daisies. In a beautiful Hallmark moment, Wizord realized that there was so much beauty around him. All right, it was really because he imagined hanging out with his love interest around earth. She was pictured in a bikini and there were drinks. Just like that, he decided to stay–along with his talking koala, Margaret (#Margaret).

Curse Words #3 continues on the crazy as we see how Wizord deals with the sudden loss of his magic. His magic had been taken away by a demon overlord (or something) who disconnected Wizords main source of magic. This would have left with a such a void within and no beard, that Wizord has turned to the trusty amber bottle to drown his remorse. Well, as usual, Margaret (#Margaret) came up with the idea of reliving an iconic 90s movie involving a sinking ship for Wizord to feel the magic again. Yet it may be a little too late because while he was drinking, things were happening.

The humor in this comic caters to my immature manic energy side so well. With talking koala (#Margaret), there is no way this comic can be serious for too long. It can get dark and a bit alarming but there is so much crazy going on that it feels more like a comedy/action comic that anything else. It has only been three issues in and this extreme energy and entertainment.

I really appreciate that although there are pages and pages of humor, the story doesn’t lose sight that this a story. Wizord may be powerful but even he can’t stop time (at least, I don’t think so). It seems that his consequences will have some definitely reaction as now is his past flame set out to kill him, there are the human authorities to contend with. Taking away hundreds of people and stuffing them in a ziploc may not have been the right way to go.

It’s really hard to stop grinning as I reading Curse Words>. Everything is just extra crazy with a side of extra mania.

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