Rat Queens – The Old, The New and The Reboot


Rat Queens, by Kurtis J Wiebe, is an Image Comics series that pits a group of warrior women against the world that rejects them. After all, when you’re prone to acts of violence, excessive drinking, tampering with evidence, collecting “special” mushrooms and accidentally causing the release of an ancient deity hell bent on world destruction who IS going to like you? Please allow me to introduce these wild vixens there is…


If you ask her she’ll say she’s the leader of the Rat Queens and, when bad things happen, she is often the voice of reason in a fight. Wait, who am I kidding?! Violet is a powerful dwarven warrior who could give a rat’s end about anyone else but her Queens, her Dave and her ale. She’s often the “shield” of the group and acts as a strong adversary to those who oppose her.


Hannah will say she is the leader of the Queens and, often times, the group tends to follow her about despite the end consequences of such a decision. Hannah is a demon hybrid. Her background is shrouded in mystery but we know this much: she comes from a long line of necromancers, she made a deal with a fiend that gave her power, she REALLY likes to “get down” with the Captain of the Guard and she HATES Mage University. Hannah is spirited, spontaneous, volatile and often a bit paranoid of her past. However, in a tight spot her powers prove useful and often save the day (albeit unintentionally).


Dee is the shy one of the group. A masterful healer she often stays in the background during a fight but she is not afraid to get her hands dirty. Dee is the high priestess of her people but the deity she serves is not all he seems. During her time with the Queens Dee discovers that N’Yrgoth is a dark entity trapped in a dark place and determined to set itself free to dominant the world. Of course, you would have NO INKLING that this is what the quiet healer is struggling with. Often the voice of reason, she typically attempts to remain neutral in situations unless the judgment being made is wrong or requires further scrutiny.


Betty is a simple smidge. She enjoys the little things. She likes to hang out with the Queens, get into a good bar brawl now and again…she also likes to woo lovely ladies into her bed. But these are trivial things. Betty’s true love are her candies. Candies that take her to other worlds, to other places. Ok, let’s face it, Betty is a BIT of a stoner but that does not take away from her contributions to the Queens. She quiet, light on her feet, good at lock picking and verbally clever. Betty is GREAT at the getting the Queens out of the toughest situations and she LOVES her girls to the ends of the world and back.

Now that you know the Rat Queens there is some news you should be aware of. The comic series went on a brief hiatus last year after concluding Volume 3: Demons. It seems that hiatus brought insight to the creator of the comic and now a reboot of Rat Queens is actively running. The Rat Queens #1 reboot was released on March 1st of this year. It includes some old faces and some new faces. The original group (Dee, Hannah, Betty and Violet) are now comprised of: Dee, Violet, Betty, Hannah and Braga.

Who is Braga?
She is a transgender Orc. That’s right, Braga was once the male heir to the throne of her Orc clan and now…well, now she finds life is making A LOT more sense. Braga was with another group in the original series but, after a REALLY bad deal made by a REALLY dumb merchant, her party was decimated. She has her own little side comic in the original series AND she is a prominent figure in the Volume 2 story arc. Also…she’s a fun loving orc who enjoys a tussle in the bed sheets with her very own Dave as well (yes, there are A LOT of Daves in the comics).

The five return to Palisades and wreak havoc on the rat infested, urine ridden and overall sorry excuse for a town. Want to read more? Image is releasing Issue #2 of the reboot next week and Issue #3 in May. For those interested in catching up, here are the past issues we encourage you to rediscover…

For those of you looking to follow the current series here is what has been released AND what is scheduled for release…

Happy reading!


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