Kill Shakespeare Past is Prologue: Juliet


 Okay, whoa. Kill Shakespeare Past is Prologue: Juliet is a amazing. It’s the first in a new arc which means I must now go back and find the others because angry, murderous Shakespeare is cool. I’m a fan of Shakespeare, I mean I did name both my daughters after women from his stories, and I count The Tempest as one of my favorite written works ever, so any chance to read the great Bard in a new form is quite fun for me. And boy did this deliver.

This story picks up after Romeo is dead and Juliet is left with her heart broken and a rage inside her that has her self harming to deal with the guilt.  Her mother is married to Shylock which alone should tell you how much this doesn’t actually follow the original story. And her mother is angry, though she loves her daughter, she seems to care more for her standing in Verona and how Juliet’s actions affect that.  A lot of screaming happens in this issue and Juliet does a lot of rebelling, but I think that is really to lay the groundwork for the tragedy that happens at the end of this issue. I won’t speak on that, cause, spoilers. But I will mention how fun the conversation with the cat is in the tomb.

A giant gold statue of Romeo stands outside his tomb and Juliet goes to commit suicide, but instead encounters a rather peculiar cat. One who talks her down from her act of self harm, only to be interrupted before he can say more. The guard her mother had set upon her is there to tell Juliet of a horror, one that I believe will change Juliet for the next issue. If she was angry before, I believe now her anger will have intensified.

This is a great first issue in what will be a 4 issue arc. I can’t wait to see what happens next, and I hope that the writers keep mixing it up with characters from other stories showing up in Verona.


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