Wondercon 2017: Agents of SHIELD


Agents of Shield has been a tough cookie of a show to bring down. Growing rapidly from the shaky beginnings, it has established itself to be one of the finest and riveting Marvel show out there. It’s hard to believe that the upcoming episodes is still part of the same season. It began with the debut of Ghost Rider and now we see our characters being thrown in an intense “what if” story arc.

Aida, an A.I., has designed a simulation world called the  “Framework”,  which most of our characters have been thrown into. This has completely switched the script on seeing our steadfast heroes becoming the enemy, Hydra.

During WonderCon 2017, Fangirl Nation was able to participate in the roundtable interviews with the cast and crew. No surprise, there was a tight seal on spoilers but the interviews did yield some interesting revelations. Even more important is seeing how well the cast and crew connected. They are all invested in the show and have nothing but love and support for each other and the fans. Check out the video and catch up on Agents of SHIELD. This season is intense!


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