Twelfth Doctor Year 3: Beneath The Waves


 The Twelfth Doctor: Beneath The Waves is going to be a short arc, with only 3 issues. And as I’m already sad that this is going to be Capaldi’s last year as the Doctor on the show, these comics are giving me all the feels.  That being said, this first issue is pure Capaldi which is weird cause I’m sure it’s not the tv writer’s doing the comics. But I read it in his voice and his mannerisms are there, even his attitude. It’s perfect.

So this story starts in Oceania, a planet that was recycled for a new race after the population died off after total flooding. Sounds interesting right? well, of course nothing is ever easy in the Doctor’s world, so when he pays a ridiculous sum of credits to visit, of course massive death robots are going to show up. Massive Death Robots!! You heard me. They aren’t Daleks or Cybermen, but perhaps a mix of the two? Either way, they look angry and the Doctor is running again. Although, he ran to get Hattie so I’m thinking his plan to go get chips on the coast isn’t exactly a vacation. This idea is proven correct when a giant green seaweed monster shows up. So a seaweed monster is a new one for me, and it amused me, though maybe I should be scared?

I’m hoping that the seaweed monster and the death robots are in league together, because I love it when the monsters team up.  And since this is a first issue of a new arc, there are many many questions. But most importantly, what exactly is the Doctor’s plan? Why Hattie? And which Sontarian was running from that death robot tomb? Was it Strax? I love Strax!! Okay, sorry, went off an a tangent there. Anyway, I can’t wait to see what exactly is going on, and will be not so patiently waiting, right here.


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