“A Fine Fix” is a Fine Culinary Mystery


A Fine FixIn A Fine Fix by Gale Deitch, Trudy Fine and her best friend since childhood, Zac, run a catering business that is now just getting off the ground. They have finally hit the big time, catering a big party for the family of Trudy’s college roommate, Allie. But before they get to serve the main course, someone finds the body of the host, Mr. Schwartz, in the swimming pool. Detective Daniel Goldman arrives to take charge, and it doesn’t take long before he zeroes in on Zac, though Trudy can’t figure out why anyone would suspect her gentle friend. This takes Trudy into the world of detection, as she tries to save Zac from being convicted of a crime she’s certain he didn’t commit.

This book is a well-written culinary mystery, a genre that has recently gained prominence. I loved the way that as a good Jew, Trudy refuses to use even the mildest curse words, so she uses food words as her swearing. “Shrimp! Shrimp! Shrimp!”

Deitch does a good job of developing the characters in the book. Trudy comes across as a strong, confident woman who knows how to take care of herself. She has never had a boyfriend, so the one thing that seems a bit strange is that suddenly three men start fighting over her, to the delight of Trudy’s mother. This seems a stretch, but Deitch does a good job of selling this.

The book comes with recipes for Trudy’s special sangria, her mango salsa, salmon filets with honey chili glaze, grilled London broil, flan, cookie bars too! All of these were discussed as foods she prepared in the book.

Kristin James does an amazing job of the narration of this book. She does good different accents and created a great set of voices for each character. She really does seem to be Trudy based upon her nature as Trudy narrates the book. I was deeply impressed by the job she does in the audio edition.

I was favorably impressed by this book. I enjoyed the plot and the inner strength, as well as the confidence, of Trudy. The plot was a little weak, but any fan of culinary mysteries will enjoy it. I give this book four stars!

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