‘The Girl From Yesterday’ is One Messed Up Mystery


Helen is an addict. Three years sober from a meth addiction, she works at her aunt’s bakery, has a steady job, and a never misses her weekly NA meeting. That is until a detective in San Antonio requests she come identify the tiny “if found” card from the wallet of a friend she hasn’t seen in fifteen years. Almost overnight Helen finds herself as a suspect in a murder, discovers someone is leaving bags of meth in her apartment, and desperately tries to hold onto the life she has struggled so hard to rebuild. Helen has to unravel the mystery for herself to find answers before she finds herself behind bars.

The Girl From Yesterday needs one giant trigger warning on the cover. If you’re affected by anything to do with sexual assault, alcohol or drug abuse, over dosing, familiar abuse, or incest, put this book down and move onto someone else. Whenever I thought I had finally come to the worst this book could possibly throw at me, something even more glaring would seemingly drop into my lap from the pages. That being said, this book is good. This book is finish it in three sittings because you had to go to work and cook dinner in between good. It is not a comfortable book. I did find myself shifting in my seat multiple times going “oh no, don’t do that!” Helen is a believable character because she is so flawed.

Author Kathryn Miller Haines has concocted a book that is on one hand painful to read at times, but page turning as all get out. While you may be disgusted with Helen’s life choices at times, you desperately want to know who is responsible for raining down the insanity on her life. Is it her? Is it a teacher she helped put away for possible murder? It is a girl she hasn’t seen in fifteen years?

The Girl From Yesterday is available from Pocket Star Books April 17, 2017.


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