Doctor Who is back baby!!!!


Did you see it? Did you? I’m going to try so hard to not do spoilers but it’s going to be so hard. I waited to do the review til today, since yesterday was Easter and well, not many people are reading the interwebs on Easter. (too busy stuffing our faces with eggs, I imagine)

Anywho….Doctor Who is back!!! The season premiere of Peter Capaldi’s last year as the Doctor. And now I’ve made myself sad. Moving on.

So, in this first episode we get to see Professor The Doctor which is always fun, I mean I’d love to sit through one of his lectures. He’s at university where he just happens to run into Bill Potts (why is the girl named Bill? not sure really) who he decides to tutor. Because, he really is just a nice guy who wants to further her education. For a cold open with a new companion, I thought they handled it really, really well. I was worried from the teasers that I might not like Bill, but I did. She was fun and played really well against the Doctor. Plus we cannot forget what is my favorite part, “Doctor What?

I loved, loved her intro to the Tardis. I was super happy with how they played it; the knock through comment, the long time it took to get there, not to mention Nardole and the Doctor shaking when she finally uttered the magic lines “it’s bigger on the inside!”

Also, I know I may be in the minority, but I really like Nardole. I think he’s fantastic. I was curious how they’d work it out to bring him back but since they made him a robot (butler. he’s a robot butler, I want one) he’s there and I’m happy with it.

Lastly, the monster. Water girl. Heather. I was honestly scared. Which is good, because sometimes the monsters aren’t super scary, but I loved the suspense of the shower. It was done so well. ¬†Oh man, I could go on. Pics on the desk! Carpet under the Tardis! Guitar in the closet? The vault???? So many questions and easter eggs in this episode, I’m hoping it means this season is shaping up to be epic. I’m already sad to see him go, so I’m hoping Capaldi is able to have fun this last year, which would of course lead to us fans having fun.

Either way, as a Whovian, I’m stoked to have Who back on tv. It was a long break, and I missed it.


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