Films to Check Out at the Newport Beach Film Festival


This weekend, Newport Beach, CA will be the setting for a well beloved film festival. We’ve put together a short look at some of the offerings:


Stuck is a musical about people who get stuck together on the story. Here’s the synopsis:

When six strangers are trapped underground on the NYC subway, tensions rise as their differences clash with each other. In a city where everyone has something to say, each passenger’s unique story is told with their own personal flair.

STUCK – an original contemporary musical film (un-official Teaser) from Michael Berry on Vimeo.

The film will be shown Sunday, April 23rd at 7:30 PM in the Lido Theater (3459 Via Lido Newport Beach, CA 92663)
Early Mourning

This short film combines the deep emotions of dance with a dramatic soundtrack. Here’s the synopsis:
A successful photographer is living the life of her dreams, with the love of her life in New York City. Their idyllic happiness is shattered unexpectedly, and she struggles to accept the reality of her loss

Early Mourning Teaser Trailer from LisaDonmallreeve17 on Vimeo.

This short film will be shown at the Triangle on Thursday April 27th at 6pm.

Sled Dogs

If you’re an animal lover, prepare to be horrified. Sled Dogs focuses on the horrors dogs go through in the Sled Dog industry for the Iditarod.  I barely made it through the trailer without sobbing. Here’s the synopsis:

In many commercial dog sled companies, dogs are continually tethered
to a chain and euthanized when they’re deemed no longer useful. In
2011, the public finally learned this disgusting truth after in
incident in Whistler, B.C. where 100 dogs were brutally murdered and
thrown into a mass grave by a tourism company after an unprofitable
season. Sled dog companies and the B.C. government decried the
practice, claiming it to be an isolated occurrence; but animal rights
activists maintain that this practice is pervasive throughout the
entire industry. This explosive documentary weaves together various
characters and narratives to explore a truth about the dog sledding
industry while posing the question: “Is the abuse seen against “man’s
best friend” disguised as entertainment?

The film is set to be shown on April 25, 2017, Time: 5:45pm to 7:15pm. No site has been listed just yet.


Mixed Match

Here’s something I’d never thought about. If you’re of mixed race parentage, how do you find a blood type match?

Here’s the synopsis:

Mixed Match is an important human story told from the perspective of mixed race blood cancer patients who are forced to reflect on their multiracial identities and complex genetics as they struggle with a nearly impossible search to find bone marrow donors, all while exploring what role race plays in medicine.

Mixed Match screenings at Newport Beach Film Festival:
April 23, 5:15pm – Island Cinema
April 26, 5:30pm – Edwards Big Newport


I Hate the Man in My Basement

While we don’t yet have a trailer for this one, it sounds incredibly intriguing. Here’s the synopsis:

A man is in grief after the murder of his wife. When he’s coerced by an obnoxious co-worker to join him for some salsa lessons, he develops an unexpected crush on his instructor. Unfortunately for him, it’s hard to move on with a budding romance when you have your wife’s killer chained up in the basement.


Another entry for the short film category, this film comes from Ireland. The film is being referenced as an Irish Romeo and Juliet, but looks much darker from the trailer below:

We do not have a screening date for this film.


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