‘Graves’ is the Lo Fi YouTube Show I Didn’t Know I Needed


If you love campy short horror, prepare to have your mind blown. The Youtube series Graves follows a band of former demon hunters ten years after they lost their best friend to the big bad. It’s filmed like an old cable access show, complete with terrible graphics, off-kilter sound, and costuming that looks like it came from the after Halloween sales at Spirit Halloween stores.  In short, I love it so much that you needed to hear about it.

Jane works in a comic book store after abandoning her graphic novel project and returning to the town that ruined her life. Once ten years ago she cast a spell that helped save her friends and now she is tormented by a literal demons. The rest of her friends are in awkward stages of decline, including a high school P.E. teacher and a man who desperately wants to be mayor of the town. My favorite thing I’ve seen so far is the dancing skeleton that looks like Fonzi from Happy Days.

The show does include a great deal of swearing and campy violence, so keep that in mind when watching. The episodes are all around five minutes long, so it’s easy to binge watch the first season.

Season 2 of Graves just started and you can see the first episode of it here:


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