Power of the Dark Crystal #2


 The Power of the dark Crystal #2 picks up right where the first issue left off. The fireling is in trouble and the elders have awoken to see that their world is also in trouble. In this issue Thurma (the fireling) and Kensho, a gelfling who is basically an indentured servant, meet and become friends. I have a feeling that their meeting is going to be the set up for the rest of the series. Friendship will most likely turn to love and I can see the two of them being the new heroes of this story.

We also get more of the acolytes who are basically evil, lying (crystal bats can’t lie, right, sure…I believe you. Not really though) greedy people who abuse the power they are given. I loathe them and seriously hope they get a nasty end.

What I think is most important though, is that Aughra (my fav) has a new prophecy, which basically says that Thurma will destroy the above world to save her world, below. And that, well that seems sketchy. Maybe Aughra’s vision is wrong? We can hope at least. My best bet would be in the end, the two worlds will combine so that the gelflings and the firelings can live together in peace, without the nasty acolytes making the poor even poorer with offerings that the crystal most decidedly does not need to heal them. I wonder if the writers did it on purpose, but this story most definitely brings about easy comparisons to the world today and how religion can be used for bad and how class is always an issue. It brings about strong emotions in this reader right here, and will probably do the same for others. I think it’s a good mark on the writers that they can write a beautiful fantasy that we love, all while discussing issue in our world with a deft hand. I love it, and I hope you do to.

This is definitely a five star read and can’t wait to see what happens next.


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