Anno Dracula


I’ve been terrible lately and I missed the first issue last month, so today we get a double dose of this amazing, dark, alternate history loving, blast of a comic.

 Cover of first issue.

 Cover of second issue.

Okay, first things first, this comic is full of amazing ladies. Not a damsel in sight. (Nothing wrong with a damsel, but it’s nice to see this) Also, the ladies are appropriately clothed for the time period, so no fighting monsters in scant clothing. Which is nice.  Okay, with that taken care of, let’s get to the meat of this story.

Dracula is King of England?! Okay, maybe not King, but he’s working on it.

Vampires and other monsters are part of daily London life?

Cabals and secret societies and Chinese criminals? All of the yes!

This comic seriously has like all of my favorite things. If a Cthulhu type sea monster rises from the sea I’m going to jump up and clap. Anyway…

The main character is a woman vampire who is part of a secret group trying their best to defeat Dracula who has taken over the country and is doing his best to turn England into his own nightmare. She is Wednesday among her group, and she seems to be the most level headed of them all.  In the first issue you meet the whole group, and learn of their intent to stop Dracula, and then in the second issue they get their butts handed to them by a man with a walrus head? No seriously, that’s what happens. It’s amazing.

We also meet another lady vampire, Penelope Churchward, who is an alley of those who help Dracula. She is a social climber of the highest degree and an old friend of Wednesday. I’m seriously looking forward to them clashing in later issues (please let this happen). Penelope get’s drafted to help with the ten year anniversary of Dracula taking over England, and she has definite ideas. ideas that seem to clash with those in her circle, which should be fun.

It’s so hard not to give too much away. What I can say though is go out and get this. It’s dark and gothic and mysterious and brutal and so much fun. So much fun. I am absolutely looking forward to the next issue to see just how all this pans out.


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