Doctor Who: Tenth Doctor


 And we’re back with the Tenth Doctor for the conclusion of Sharper Than a Serpent’s Tooth. We started this with the last issue and I was interested to seeing how it ended.  I was not disappointed. I really enjoyed how it was being told by the old man to his son, so we got a story within a story. It’s a fun style.

So we left off with the Doctor and Gabby on the hunt for Cindy who was kidnapped by the red tardis, who it turns out, is basically the Nestene Conscious all over again. The evil red warrior also has a giant sharp teeth mouth that reminds me a bit of the vampires of Venice, but more worm like..which is a terrible visual.

But in the end, all is well. The Doctor and Gabby rescue Cindy, they stage a rescue of the rest of the Cindys. And the Doctor as usual finds a really convoluted way to send the bad guy to his doom. It’s just as Doctor Who should be. And that will always make me smile.

The thing I liked most about this issue, was the Doctor doing his usual grandstanding, all creatures are great speech. It always makes me happy to see a character that could and should be jaded to life in general go on about how special and distinct and precious each life form is. It’s one of the things I always loved about Ten. Despite having gone through the worst things life can throw at him, he is still the most compassionate man in the universe. In time. And that is special to me.

One last thought, why oh why is River and Rose on this cover? I see it, I think I’m getting River, and I don’t. This makes me sad, as she is one of my favorite Who characters ever. So, yeah, wasn’t a fan of the cover.


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