Must See Films at the 33rd Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival



The Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival is back!

This will be the 33rd year that  Visual Communications will be presenting the Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival. The films are sprinkled around various venues in Los Angeles. As the news about minority casting and representation in the media steadily increase, film festivals have become the bastion of proof that there are films out there that have actors of many ethnicity, feature a wide variety of stories, and, just fill the gap that has been broadened by mainstream theaters. There is nothing wrong with enjoying the multi-billion dollar movie. Film festivals like Los Angeles Pacific Film Festival not challenges what has been the norm in film presentation but also are just another of way of seeing amazing movies!


In addition to the film festival, there will be a special industry speaker series: The Conference For Creative Content (C3). The series will feature media professionals in film, television, cable, digital and transmedia from Agents of SHIELD, Moana,  Buzzfeed, and more. More details on the conference can be found HERE.
The programming for the festival has been released and there are TONS of movies to be experienced. Here are the top must-see movies of the festival



  • BETTER LUCK TOMORROW (Gala Event/ Opening Night @ Egyptian Theater, April 27, 7 pm) USA

This will be the special presentation of Better Luck Tomorrow that came out 15 years ago. Directed by Justin Lin (Fast and the Furious), this movie turned the trope of  the “smart asian nerds” upside down and into the ground.  Personally, this movie changed my few on film and Asian American representation.



  • THREE SASSY SISTERS (  @Tateuchi Democracy Forum, April 29th, 4:30 pm) Indonesia


Three sisters holding distinct personalities and goals  but all are focused on running their family boutique hotel by the beach. Grandmother really wants them to get married. I am expecting a mixed bag of comedy, independent woman vibe, possibly some tears, and romance.



  • Tokyo Idols (@Downtown Independent, April 29th, 10:00 pm) Canada/Japan/UK


The pop culture in Asia is completely fascinating especially in terms of perception and idolization. In Japan, young females who are in the pop industry are completely idolized by adult men This documentary will focus on this interaction.

  • Pop Aye (@CGV Cinemas 3, April 30, 9:15 pm) Thailand

Always thrilled when I see a movie from my country that is not based off of horror. At least I hope this movie is not..

An architect is experience an existential crisis and bumps into his childhood pet elephant, Popeye, doing street performances . Somehow, a decision is made to return his friend back to the village where he belongs. I am pretty positive  my eyes will be swollen from tears after watching this movie.

  • Gook (@Aratani Theater, April 29th, 8 pm) USA

A dark comedy centering around various stories in Los Angeles of people struggling to survive and deal with pretty big obstacles. What immediately caught my eye was that the filmmaker is Justin Chon. As in BgA army’s Justin Chon of the Dong Saya Dae music video. This I must see.



These are just FIVE movies out of dozens that will be showcasing at the Los Angeles Pacific Film Festival. Check out the programming HERE for more movies and information.

Details on the Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival:

Dates: April 27, 2017- May 24, 2017 (Los Angeles)

            May 4th 2017-  May 11, 2017 (Orange County



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