Doctor Who: The Ninth Doctor – Sin-Eaters


In today’s Ninth Doctor review you lucky folks get a two-fer! I’m not sure how I missed the first of this series, but I did, so I had to read the first to review the second, you know? And boy am I glad I did because we get sin eaters in this story arc!

 Sin-Eaters Part 1

 Sin-Eaters Part 2

Now, I love a sin eater. I love the idea behind it, the mythology, the whole deal.  I’ve seen it in movies before but not in Doctor Who. I think choosing the Ninth Doctor was a great choice to bring forward a creature that eats all your sin, I mean he has a good deal of it swimming around in his head after that pesky Time War.  That being said, this particular sin eater is a tad scary.  And more than a tad gross to look at. All those heads….**shudders**

We start this comic with Rose play acting, trying her best not to get caught out as she tries to rescue the Doctor from a fate that we later learn he engineered. Sounds like the Doctor doesn’t it? Yeah.  Aboard a ship that used to be a prison but is now a rehab center, things are off. He knows it and goes to investigate. Little does he know that his investigation is going to turn bad. Very bad. Quickly. So there they are, the Doctor, Rose and Tara trying to not die as a mess of sin-eater golem type things go rogue and try to destroy the rehab center with everyone in it.  Of course the Doctor finds a way to stop it, because he wouldn’t be the Doctor if he didn’t, but it doesn’t seem to be the best plan because the end of this comic is a ‘to be continued’ as the Doctor and his companions try to fly away as the rehab center disintegrates into a huge space storm.  It will be interesting to see how the next comic catches up with our group.

As an aside, Rose using Arkham Asylum as a reference made me smile. A lot.



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