Kill Shakespeare Prologue: Juliet


 Kill Shakespeare Prologue: Juliet is just…’s fantastic. It’s dark and brutal but still full of the wit and snark that comes from Shakespeare.  In this second issue, we find Juliet giving the eulogy for her now dead mother. Enter Cornwall, a shady character who we quickly find out is not in fact there to mourn Juliet’s mother, but instead to make snide remarks about business.  Among his lecherous innuendo about her mother, Juliet gets a feeling, a reading of something in his eyes that makes her believe that he has killed her mother.

Now another Juliet, a meeker version of the character would be sad, but not this Juliet. Oh no…she is enraged and vows to have Cornwall killed. I like her a lot.  This leads her and Benvolio to a shady bar in which she hopes to employ someone to murder Cornwell. And because she is a hot head, this does not go well.  I don’t want to give away too much more, so you don’t lose the fun of reading it, so now I just have questions.

Who is the Moor (as he would be called in a play)? And who are the women archers? And why is Cornwall so determined to have Shylock’s business? What exactly was Shylock’s business?

I’m really enjoying this story line so much. I love to see characters I remember intermixed in this new Shakespearian world.  To have characters from multiple stories mingling is a fun way to update the story but still keep it in the vein that a true Shakespeare fan will appreciate (or at least that is true for me). I can’t wait to see who we meet next, and just how far our very angry Juliet will go. This has become less a story about heartbreak and more a story of revenge.


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