Superpowers at Fifteen: “Quince” 1-4 Irreverent and Entertaining


Quince #1 CoverQuince issues 1-4 are an entertaining and irreverent look at what “real life” is like for a young Latina, Lupe, who suddenly finds herself with super powers on her fifteenth birthday. Her first mishap involves blowing up the family bathroom, and then she discovers she can fly. The experience of flight, however, proves to be unpleasantly muscle-straining and cold. Far from showing shock at her granddaughter´s new super powers, Lupe´s grandmother matter-of-factly informs her of her own reception of super powers on her fifteenth birthday. Lupe´s grandmother then begins rigorous training to help Lupe adapt to her powers.

At the same time, Lupe continues to be a typical teen in many ways. Her sarcastic comments and wry disappointment over how super powers really affect her life make the comic amusing and fun.

The comic has mirror editions in English and Spanish. The English part contains a scattering of Spanish words or phrases, but would still be enjoyably readable for non-Spanish speakers. I am bilingual in Poblano Spanish and in English and did not recognize some of the words used in the Spanish comic, but it was still completely understandable.

As a further note, my almost-five-year-old son loved the drawings. He laughed at the facial expressions of the Quince characters as the story progressed.

Quince 1-4 are already out from Fanbase Press. Quince #5 comes out on May 15, 2017. Find more about this comic on the Fanbase Press website.

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