The Unoriginality of Hollywood


Just stop please. Please Hollywood? Please stop taking my favorite things and trying to update them and in the end ruining them. In the last ten years or so, the remake is the thing. And it is a sucky thing. A seriously sucky thing. Need I remind you of Total Recall (2012) with Colin Farrell? I love him. And even he couldn’t make that movie a worthwhile experience.  How about Footloose (2011)?? Why did that need to happen? Why? Not to mention that Blake Shelton is no Kenny Loggins, but that I guess is a post for another time. Did we forget about the Carrie remake? Did we forget about Arthur? Why does Hollywood keep doing this?


In the this year alone we have: It, Beauty and the Beast, Jumanji, Murder on the Orient Express, The Mummy, another Kong movie and another Smurfs. (It counts cause it’s a cartoon and not a live action like the last two) (Also, I’m sure I’ve missed some, and I didn’t count reboots) And then we have the one that made me want to write this post. Dirty Dancing. Yes. A classic that is beloved by millions that most definitely did not need a remake. I mean, let’s be honest, most of us completely ignore that mess that was Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights.

The trailer went live not that long ago…and I have….um….anger. A lot of anger. Not just because this is completely, unequivocally unneeded, but because, it looks terrible.  I have nothing against the actors in this movie. In fact I quite enjoy Debra Messing in many of her roles, but still…this looks awful.  And it appears that they made Johnny a hoodlum. I mean he was a bit of a wild one in the original, but Not. Like. This.

It boils down, for me at least, to the weariness of the same stuff. I mean, if Hollywood is looking for original content, I am a writer and I know many writers…just saying. But honestly, there has to be scripts out there that are better than this. Are better then taking things people love and destroying them. For money.

And I’m not totally biased. There are some remakes I like. There are some that are done well. But for every Jungle Book, there is a Cinderella (could those actors be more wooden?) I figure I’ll like Pete’s Dragon but I’m giving Beauty and the Beast a very hard no. A no with curse words I can’t use for this post.

So here is my plea to those who have the power in Hollywood. Please, just stop. Please write something new. Please stop messing with the things I love.


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