Marvel’s Musical Tracks and the Thor: Ragnarok Trailer


Thor: Ragnarok Trailer Incredible HulkThe one thing I love about marvel is that more often than not they learn from each of their endeavors. Take music, fore example. Thanks to Guardians of the Galaxy, they learned that the right music can make even a simple teaser trailer epic, something they have again demonstrated in the Thor:Ragnarok trailer.

As soon as Led Zepplin’s “Immigrant Song” slowly begins to build, you know something significant will happen, and not only does something happen when Mjolnir is unexpectedly crushed to pieces, things never stop happening.From the decimation of Asgard to the rise of Cate Blanchet’s Hela, this trailer is a nonstop race of imagery and song slowed only by a brief pause before the revelation of our favorite man in green.

That’s right: The Incredible Hulk returns. Ever since his role was confirmed at Comic-Con, we’ve all been waiting for a look at our Jolly Green Giant, and this trailer did not disappoint. So epic is his return that not even Thor himself can keep from screaming “YES!” This trailer does an amazing job of setting up Thor: Ragnarok with its art direction and musical choices leaving the audience with a nostalgic feeling for 80’s Heavy Metal Fantasy art. I definitely can’t wait until November.

Marvel's Musical Tracks and the Thor: Ragnarok Trailer
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Marvel's Musical Tracks and the Thor: Ragnarok Trailer
Alex looks at the Thor: Ragnarok trailer from a musical perspective.
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