Hellboy Into the Silent Sea


 Hellboy: Into The Silent Sea is a bit of a heart breaker. It’s hard not to spoil the story while explaining this though, so you’re going to have to read it.

It is the story of a ship on the high ships, captained by a woman in black who is on a mission. Now this mission is not of the smart kind. She wants to find a long dead Egyptian God snake who is supposed to give her the answers to well, everything. When Hellboy is drug aboard the pirate ship he is chained to a mast. The plan of the crew? To sell him to an oddity show. And here is my favorite part of this comic, the foreshadowing. Hellboy goes on to recount what year he left the bureau and what he has been doing since, but the years aren’t adding up. Not for him and the captain. It’s a beautiful bit that I didn’t pick up on until after the big reveal at the end.

Of course, being Hellboy, you get monsters and a crazy person after something bad. And of course you have Hellboy trying his best to explain that it’s probably not a good idea to summon a dead Egyptian snake god, because well, these things never end well. Never.  Why does no one ever listen to Hellboy?

I really loved this comic. it was a bit longer which is always nice, more Hellboy equals more fun. I also really enjoyed the art. It really brought you aboard that pirate ship. The dark colors and the entire mood of the comic was beautifully done. Though, like I said at the start, heartbreaking. I think this issue would be great for newcomers to the Hellboy comic. It’s a great story, drawn beautifully, and it is separate from the regular arcs, so you don’t feel like you got dropped into the middle of something.

Hellboy: Into the Silent Sea comes out tomorrow so be sure to pic up your copy!



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