Wonder Woman!


So, I have seen around the internet more than one article complaining how little marketing is being done for Wonder Woman. ┬áNow I am not a marketing guru, not do I work for the DC Universe, but I gotta say, I’ve seen a fair bit. And for a while now. I actually feel like they’ve been talking about it so long that I thought it should have been out by now. But, I guess I’m in the minority. So, that being said, here is what I am going to ask of you. If you also agree that the trailer is not being shown enough, if there is not enough buzz about what may possibly be the best DCU movie yet, then take action!

Yeah, you heard me. I’m calling for a grass roots Wonder Woman campaign. Share the trailer. Talk about going to see it and taking your daughters (I’m taking both of mine). Share the theater opening information. Show off those costumes some of you are wearing to opening night! You don’t have to be a feminist who thinks the movie isn’t getting enough attention because gasp! she is a woman. You don’t have to be a major Wonder Woman fangirl from way back. Heck you could even be a meat popsicle. I don’t care. Just spread the word. Plaster your fb. Your twitter. Your tumblr. Your instagram. Be the marketing campaign that folks are complaining isn’t happening.

And here, I’ll even leave you the newest trailer they just released to help you spread the word! (and this is trailer #4 for those who are counting!)

Be the voice for this movie. We want it to do well. We want women lead superhero movies. We want well done super hero movies (I mean we all want to forget that BVS or Suicide Squad ever happened). So, go forth and spread the Wonder Woman gospel.


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