Penny Dreadful


 Okay, so maybe I shouldn’t be reading these comics before I’ve finished the show, as there seems to be full of spoilers. But, well, I’m a glutton, so I’m just gonna carry on. Penny Dreadful (the show and the comic) is a beautiful thing. Dark and dangerous and full of characters that just make me smile.

This issue picks up right where we left off. Ethan is in a cabin trying to take control of the beast inside him, literally and figuratively. And Malcolm is in the middle of a zombie uprising. Also literally.  The Sons of Darkness have risen Belial and he is going around raising the dead of London to bring about a war to end all wars. The death of all mankind is on the menu for him, even bringing Lucifer back. This is some seriously dark stuff.  Luckily we get the redhead lady with Malcolm to bring the humor to lighten the mood. She’s good with a sword and a pun, and I like her a lot.

In this issue we also get to see Brona/Lily who is working with a seriously gnarly Mother Superior. She gets a special cross and a mission, and I’m really interested to see how that works out for her.

And we cannot forget Ethan, with help of the good doctor he seems to gain control of the werewolf that lives in him. And after some very wise words from her, he decides that he does in fact need to use the beast. I’m thinking this will lead him back to London, back to the middle of the new zombie war that has broken out while he was gone. Will he unleash the beast? I’m betting on yes, but what I’m really interested in is when all the major players will intersect. Will they work together? or is there a rift that will keep them fighting, yet separately?  I can’t wait to find out!

5 stars for this newest issue for sure!


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