Trailer for “Burden” a Reflection on the Art and Life of Chris Burden


Chris Burden's Trans-FixedChris Burden, performance artist known for his outrageous and often painful performance art and later for his unusual sculptures, generated plenty of controversy in his lifetime. In Burden, Timothy Marrinan and Richard Dewey use his art and private life to examine questions about the nature of art in general and to ask about the artist’s life. Based on the trailer, the movie pays plenty of attention to the artist’s more outre works while providing plenty of critical food for thought.

The movie is out now in theaters, on Demand, on Amazon Video and on iTunes.

Synopsis for Burden

Chris Burden guaranteed his place in art history in 1971 with a period of often dangerous and at times stomach-churning performances. After having himself shot, locked up in a locker for five days, electrocuted, and crucified on the back of a VW bug, Burden reinvented himself as the creator of truly mesmerizing installations and sculptures, from a suspended gigantic flywheel that seemingly spins on its own, to an assemblage of antique streetlights rewired for solar energy and illuminated outside the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. In BURDEN, Timothy Marrinan and Richard Dewey look at the artist’s works and private life with an innovative mix of still-potent videos of his 70s performances, personal videos and audio recordings, friends, fellows students and colleagues, critics’ comments and latter day footage at his Topanga Canyon studio, all peppered with his thoughts and musings through the years.


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