New Clip from ‘The New Adventures of Aladdin’


Want a light, post-Disney retelling of Aladdin? The trailer and newly released clip for The New Adventures of Aladdin foretell a movie that will be just that–a pop-culture-infused story within a story that takes nothing, including its audience, seriously.

Set at Christmas and coming out on VOD on May 16, 2017, the movie is a story told by a modern-day would-be thief. It features a sexy princess, a shaggy-locked Alladin (“more frizzy than curly” observes a waiting maid), and a definitely evil vizier. All together, looks perfect for late-night, summer viewing with friends who can guess the next line with you, or for something to have in the background while wrapping presents much later in the year.

Watch the clip and trailer below, and scroll down for further stills from the movie.

The clip:

The trailer:

The film will be release in both dubbed into English and French language versions (With English subtitles).

Synopsis for The New Adventures of Aladdin

On Christmas Eve, Sam and his best buddy Khalid dress up as Santa to steal as much as they can from a department store. But Sam gets cornered by some children and has to tell them a story, the story of Aladin – his version, at least. Taking on the character of Aladin, Sam heads off on a voyage to the heart of Baghdad, city of a thousand and one riches. But alas, behind the colorful folklore, the people are suffering the tyranny of the terrible Vizir, known for his cruelty and his dubious breath. Will the young thief Aladin, helped by his genie, be able to thwart the Vizir’s diabolical plans, save Khalid, and win the heart of Princess Shallia? Actually he will. But we won’t lie to you: it’s not going to be easy

DIRECTED BY: Arthur Benzaquen
STARRING: Kev Adams,Jean-Paul Rouve,Vanessa Guide, William Lebghil, Audrey Lamy, Eric Judor, Michel Blanc


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