NOW CLOSED! Have a Snack Attack! FangirlNation and Zillamunch Are Hosting a Giveaway!


The very geeky women of Zillamunch, makers of T-shirts and posters, fond of food and puns, and the writers of FangirlNation, this very geeky website are hosting a giveaway. You–yes you–could be the winner of a SNACK ATTACK T-shirt.

Snack Attack T-shirt from Zillamunch

How do you win this amazing apparel? Easy! Just write a comment with the name of your favorite food-fighter character in the Snack Attack game! Don’t have a favorite? Make one up and tell us what makes it good.

On June 8, 2017 at the stroke of midnight, the contest ends. Sometime after that, we will use the randomizer to choose the winner.

To summarize: Name your favorite Snack Attack character in the comments between May 8 and 11:59 PM on June 8 and you will be entered in the drawing. The rest is up to chance.

You need to be over 18 and in the United States to enter–no exceptions, sorry!

Who or what is Zillamunch you ask? Good question–and one with a good answer:

Ana and Chauncey are the two geeky, female co-founders of Zillamunch. Their “a-ha” moment for the company came over a pizza shared by two best friends. A joke about a legendary Tacodamus psychic that predicts taco fortunes became the first t-shirt design, people loved it, and more food-themed clothing and posters came to be.

Find them online at:



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