Cosplay Fitness: Getting in Shape for Summer Cons


Summer is rounding the corner and if you’re anything like me you’re scrambling to get that bit of holiday happiness off your mid section. I’ve worked out consistently for three years and lost 100lbs during the process…know what I learned? WORKING OUT SUCKS! Yep, people kept telling me I would get used to it and while I HAVE become stronger I STILL despise working out. SO I decided to find a way to making keeping the weight off AND getting it off FUN!

Allow me to introduce you to Darebee, it’s a free workout site AND app (for android and apple) that provides a variety of workouts for people in trying to get fit. Why did I choose Darebee? Well, they have this Superhero work out series that is absolutely fabulous AND enjoyable to commit to. Here’s how it works: you go to, click on a workout and work out. Yes, it’s that simple. You can even target/filter for workouts that use NO equipment. Ok, I promise to stop sounding like an infomercial. Let’s check out some of their Superhero workouts…

The Mermaid – Light

This is a workout made for someone who is either recovering from an injury, has not worked out in some time OR has not worked out at all. It’s built for women (you’re welcome ladies) AND it works out your WHOLE body WITHOUT equipment.

Super Mom – Easy

I am not a parent but I know how stressful it can be by watching friends and family juggle the responsibilities of parenting. If you’re a cosplayer this must be MUCH harder as, y’know, you’ve got to juggle your familial responsibilities AND the creation of epic costumes. Queue the Super Mom workout! No equipment needed, just find 15 minutes in your day to dig deep and get your Super Girl on!

Raven – Normal

Channel your inner half demon and conquer lower body fitness with this high burn workout.

Athena – Hard

Another full body masterpiece, this workout will use your own body weight against you and test the strength of your inner goddess. Make sure you have plenty of water nearby as this workout will exhaust you.

Vicious – Advanced

This is the ONLY workout I’ll suggest where equipment is necessary. You’ll need a medium to light set of dumb bells AND a pull up bar. Please only attempt this if you have trained your body for at LEAST 3-6 months. This challenges even the most apt of athletes and will turn you into the ferocious Super Heroine you’ve dreamed of being.

Body Positivity

I can’t speak of fitness and healthy without addressing body positive practices. Along this journey you will encounter people who judge you without consideration of your emotions. There will be people who look at your size, your costume and even YOU as something that does not meet THEIR standards. Dealing with such people can be difficult for someone who is starting out or even someone like myself, who has lost most of her weight and is now struggling to tighten up loose skin. There will always be “critics” so here is how you can deal with such behavior…

  1. Confront it: Tell the individual that you do not appreciate their comment; that they are making you uncomfortable and you will now take your leave. If they continue to pester you then you should…
  2. Report it: Find help. Have a friend go with you to convention security, a police officer OR map out “safe spaces” at events where you can seek help. If you cannot find help then…
  3. Call for Help: Call the local police department. Harassment is not acceptable and having someone of authority walk you to a safe place can help diffuse a serious situation.
  4. Use Words of Affirmation: Look in mirror at yourself EVERY DAY and tell yourself that you are beautiful, strong, loving, smart…everything you know yourself to be. NEVER used negative words, only positive words are allowed in these affirmations.

Loving yourself can be hard and changing your appearance is even more difficult. I will not say that all obstacles are easy to overcome however; I CAN promise that no barrier is impossible to pass when it comes to your body, your state of mind and the strength of your affirmations.

Have a body transformation or cosplay story you want to share with us? Please use the comments below OR email [email protected]

Happy convention season to you all and FAN GIRL ON!


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