World War Tank Girl #2


 World War Tank Girl #2…..what can I say?? I mean, Booga jumped the shark of course. But no, I mean, he literally jumped a shark. On a motorcycle. There were sharks in the Nazi’s moat. And yeah, the Nazi’s had a moat, so there is that as well.

These characters are fantastic and in this issue the gang is all back together, except Booga who is being chased by a lot of Nazi’s after escaping from Colditz. While he’s racing a motorcycle for his life, Tank Girl and Barney are trying to save a bridge from being taken and there they run into Jet Girl and Sub Girl.  As Tank Girl got her hands on not one but two tanks, Jet Girl has also found her namesake, though more of a biplane than a jet. And now they are all together again, insanity ensues. Because what else do you expect from Tank Girl? Although I did find the gorilla suit an extra added bonus of silliness.

It’s fun to have the whole gang together and I know that Tank Girl want’s to go home once they get Booga by their side, but the thing is, one of them might not want to go home. Which one? I’m not telling. But I’m sure it will be fun to see how they handle the thought of leaving one behind or what lengths they will go to  to take her back against her will. I’m thinking duct tape might be involved. Or rope. Lots of rope.  Either way, I’m excited by this story, and am sad it’s going to be such a short arc. Only two more issues and it will be World War no more.

World War Tank Girl #2 is definitely a five star read for me, but then again, it’s Tank Girl, so is anybody surprised?


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