‘Aliens: Bug Hunt’ is a Wild Ride


If you’re a big fan of the Colonial Marines from Aliens, Titan books has a serious treat for you with their new book Aliens: Bug Hunt. The company has been putting out a series of books based on the Aliens franchise for sometime, but this short story collection takes some of the best talent in film spin-off series and sets them loose on the Xenomorphs. If you’ve ever read a book series based on a favorite TV show, chances are you will recognize some of the authors, such as Yvonne Navarro, Tim Lebbon, and Christopher Golden. Buffy the Vampire Slayer book readers will likely have seen these names many times.

Aliens: Bug Hunt is action-packed and brutal. The fact that these are short stories helps a bit, because after reading one you have a chance to catch your breath before diving into the next. Whether it’s stories of a bar fire caused by trying to shut down a rogue Alien, or a particularly terrifying one describing what it’s like to actually be a host for a Facehugger, be prepared for a lot of gunplay and some serious violence. These are all based on the United States Colonial Marines after all.

Aliens: Bug Hunt was a fun read and definitely a good distraction from the day to day. It is now available from Titan Books.


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