Quince #5 Crushes and Costumes


On May 15,  2017 edition #5 of the unique series, Quince, will be available in English and Spanish to the general public. In this edition, summer has ended, and with her training complete, Lupe now enters her sophomore year of school. In order to “make the world a safer place,” Lupe must suffer the wedgies that accompany wearing her costume under her clothes every day (There aren’t any telephone booths to change in anymore). While her younger sister bubbles with excitement over the first day of school, Lupe´s only goal is not to kill or be killed. Yet, nothing out of the ordinary happens the first day…or the next…or even in the next weeks. Lupe asks God for something to occur – and it does the next day!  She finally uses her super powers the way any 15 year old girl with a crush would be happy to use them.

Fans of off-the-beaten- track super hero (ine) stories will continue to enjoy this comic as they see how Lupe faces super powers mixed with the very ordinary life of a high schooler. In addition, fans can continue to appreciate Emma Steinkellner´s refreshing artwork which portrays Lupe as a full-figured teen, rather than the typical perfect hourglass shaped heroine of many comics.  Steinkellner also captures with humor the facial expressions of the various characters.

Quince online

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