A First Look at Marvel’s ‘Iceman’ #1


Bobby Drake, Iceman to others, is getting his own solo comic this June from Marvel. The new series is written by Sina Grace and the artwork by Alessandro Vitti.  As one of the original X-Men, a founder of the Champions, Drake realizes he can accomplish so much more. Also added is a younger version of Iceman from his time stream that has a lot going for him.

“Iceman has one of the most tenured legacies as a Marvel Super Hero and was one of the originators of the modern Marvel Universe,” said series writer Sina Grace. “As a lifelong X-Men fan (I’ve got the dog-eared floppies to prove it!), writing Iceman has been the greatest and most challenging project I’ve been lucky enough to work on.  Writing this series has been like making best friends with someone who’s been in my class for years, but I never took the time to ask how they were doing. Turns out, Bobby Drake has a LOT to say paired with a LOT of achievements he’s still looking to unlock.”

Here’s the official description from Marvel:

In this new ongoing series it’s time for Bobby Drake to realizes that it’s now or never, and sets out to build a life and legacy he can be proud of…and be the best ICEMAN he can be!


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