Mistress of Death Review: ‘Surviving Death’


The concept of life after death fascinates most of us. What happens after we die? Do we go somewhere new? Do we have the ability to communicate with our loved ones? Do we come back as another person? Author Leslie Kean decided to take the journalistic approach to what happens after we die and the results are the book Surviving Death: A Journalist Investigates the Afterlife. The books has sections written by experts in their fields, involving such concepts as reincarnation, out of body experiences, after death communication, and even the concept of incorporeal spirits. Kean doesn’t ask you to believe, but she does ask you to consider the evidence at hand.

I initially enjoyed Surviving Death. The beginning focuses on two fascinating cases of possible reincarnation, as well as the idea of out of body experiences during high stress periods such as emergency surgery. Even the passages on seances and communication after death were interesting, as well as personal. It was when the book drifted into ghosts and poltergeists that I lost interest and had to put the book down. The book seemed to lose its personal touch at that point.

Surviving Death is a fascinating read for someone who is interested in the research and scientific study of areas often considered to be the realm of religion. I recommend the book if  you are interested in hearing from experts themselves, but expect a collection of a little bit of everything.

Surviving Death is now available from Crown books.


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