‘Sweeties’ Shows the Difficulty of Family


Sweeties preview pageSweeties, one of the first releases in Papercutz’ new imprint Charmz, offers a sometimes light-hearted, sometimes painful look at the difficulties of blending families. The first section focuses mainly on Cherry, a young teen who moves to Somerset with her widowed father, Paddy, to see whether marriage would work between Paddy and his divorced girlfriend, Charlotte. Charlotte is mother to four girls, three of whom warmly accept Cherry. The fourth, Honey, resents everything about the situation and rejects Cherry and Paddy, often with harsh words and actions.

Almost immediately after arriving in Somerset, Cherry meets and develops a crush on Shay, only to find out he is Honey´s boyfriend. Cherry tries to ignore her crush, but Shay continues to be a big part of her life, further complicating Honey and Cherry´s already thorny relationship.

In the second part of Sweeties, the main story revolves around Skye, the younger and shyer twin of Summer. As the plot develops, Skye chafes more and more over Summer´s “perfection” and popularity.

With vibrant and expressive drawings, Sweeties offers an engaging story as well. Veronique Grisseaux shows the difficulty of blending families, along with the interactions typical of most teens.

My only quibble is that the girls look older than the story says they are. I thought they were in their late teens until the story said otherwise. I also would have liked Honey´s character to be more developed, rather than having her only and always be the brat of the family. There is one scene where she is leaning out of her window and crying as she cuts off all her hair, but after that, no further mention is made of the incident and she remains simply Cherry’s enemy.

See preview images from Sweeties and another Charmz release, Chloe on-site here.

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