Brrrr! ‘The Beauty of Horror 2’ is Coming for You!


The Beauty of Horror 2: Ghouliana’s Creepatorium

Not content with unleashing Ghouliana once, Alan Robert has is again allowing the chilling child back into the world in yet another coloring book from IDW. Full of pages in which this mischievous imp will attempt to trap your soul, the item will be released into our world this September. Watch the trailer if you dare!

The Beauty of Horror 2: Ghouliana’s Creepatorium – Another GOREgeous Coloring Book by Alan Robert from Alan Robert on Vimeo.

For the brave and foolish who wish to venture into Ghouliana’s world, The Beauty of Horror 2 is available for pre-order on Amazon. Note: We are Amazon Affiliates and receive a small amount of each purchase amount. It helps us keep the site going!

Find out more about the dangerous Alan Robert and his creations at


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