Bubblegun Vol #2 Part #1


In the aftermath of crashing the Dark Lightning, Molli finds that her efforts to rescue her sister, Devyn, have brought her trouble as the ship she and her crew accidentally destroyed was owned by none other than Sir Penny. Sir Penny, a mobster wearing the mask of a deviant drug lord, has plans for the sisters. Plans that will ruin their reputations and, undoubtedly, place them in more danger than they have ever faced before!

Written by Mark Roslan with Art/Inks by: Angel Tovar, Peter Steigerwald and Federico Blee Bubblegun, produced by Aspen Comics, is one heck of a fun ride. Situated in a scientifically advanced universe, this comic focuses on two siblings, Devyn and Molli, as they traverse space stealing information from corrupt companies and sharing it with all. Well…sharing would be a bit of strong word for what they do. The sisters are mercs of a sort who have collected a motley crew of unique individuals especially skilled at extracting highly complex data from server systems. Volume 2 follows hot on the antics of the volume 1 wherein Molli had to rescue her sister from the devious Drazic. Molli’s rescue was not the smoothest and it ended with her stealing a notorious mobster’s ship then crashing it. As retribution, Sir Penny sends the team on a series of missions to “reconcile” the bad blood between them. Problem is, Sir Penny has ulterior motives and the sisters are in more danger than they realize.

I strongly recommend this series. The character designs are terrific, their personalities are a lot of fun, the writing is interesting and overall this comic has all the ingredients for an epic sci-fi comedy. Bubblegun Volume 1 is available in stores for those who want to catch up but if you just can’t wait start with Issue #1 of Volume 2, it offers enough information for a new reader to grasp what is going on.

Happy reading!


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