The Dark Crystal is coming back!


Scrolling through facebook this morning I saw a sight that was possibly the only thing to make me smile on a day when the news of Chris Cornell passing is everywhere. (RIP Chris, you are missed), news of a new The Dark Crystal series. News that I had not even heard a whisper about. Not only is Netflix killing it with all their new programs, but they keep managing to surprise us with them.

The teaser trailer is now all over social media and for us fans of the man himself, we get a brief glimpse at Jim Henson talking about the world of The Dark Crystal.  I am beyond excited for this. The Dark Crystal is a huge part of my childhood memories; I used to pretend to be the Skeksis all the time.  So first I got the new comics and now this, I’m pretty much in Jim Henson heaven. Sadly I’ve not heard any release date, but I’ll definitely keep you updated as we learn more.

(and before I get jumped on for my excitement, this does in no way count as a reboot ore a remake. Cause, reasons.)


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