New ‘Mysticons’ Series coming from Dark Horse and Nelvana


The animated series, Mysticons, is an epic tale of four heroes who transform into legendary warriors to save the world. Now, thanks to a partnership between Nelvana and Dark Horse, the tale will be coming to comics as well. Shantel LaRocque, who has worked on titles like Hellboy, B.P.R.D. and Rexodus, will be the series’ editor.


Pam Weston, head of Nelvana Enterprises, says the company is

incredibly excited to bring on Dark Horse as our graphic novel partner . . . .Mysticons is a contemporary, genre-defining series that shows girls the strength, power, and courage they already have from within. Comics and graphic novels have continually showcased dynamic and confident female characters, and we look forward to continuing the Mysticons’ adventures in this rich and powerful way of storytelling.

Mysticons will premiere on Nickelodeon in the US this summer and on Teletoon in Canada this fall, giving the young heroes a chance to shine in multiple media.


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