“Those are Klingons?” The Star Trek: Discovery Trailer


Star Trek: Discovery the Edge of Known Space

Star Trek: Discovery is coming this fall, and we have the first trailer. It’s encouraging in some ways and odd in others.

The oddest bit is the absence of the Discovery and its crew. The folk we see are good Starfleet officers, but what are the major players going to be like?

And–those are Klingons? It’s extremely odd that CBS feels the need to have yet a third new look for the race. It is not, after all, as though there are not plenty of other races to fit out with bumpy foreheads.

Speaking of which, there are some new aliens on the ship, which is great! It will be fun to see the Federation grow. There’s also plenty of new scenery and some lively shiny new equipment for everyone to admire.

What do you think? Will you be watching this on CBS? The day after on Netflix? Never? What has you most interested?

Star Trek discovery screenshot


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