Valiant Comics Bringing ‘War Mother’ Her Own Series in August


War Mother #2 Cover AValiant is pulling out all the stops on new series lately–and they’re upping the number of books with woman leads. Their latest in the upcoming series is War Mother, a series set in the year 4001, a future where the Earth has been all but destroyed. War mother leads one group of survivors, relying on her skill and her sentient sniper rifle to get her people to safety.

The premise here is interesting, though it has its puzzling bits. First of all, it’s a new Valiant series, which is always a good thing. Also, it’s by Fred Van Lente. And, I rather like it that the War Mother is carting a sniper rifle, not sticking to archaic weaponry. The sentient part is a bit of a hiccup. It really depends, I suppose, on how and why it is sentient. What does a sentient rifle offer that a regular rifle does not? And, if all it offers is conversation–why? The kind of conversation may determine its value as well. Does it offer generally pointless bloodthirstiness like Lilarcor, or is it sensibly right the way Frakir, the sentient strangling cord (!?!) in the Chronicles of Amber generally was, and if so, will she listen to it?

In any case, war Mother is arriving in August, and she is unquestionably the leader of her people. Valiant CEO and Chief Creative Officer Dinesh Shamdasani describes her as “a major new player that can stand alongside Valiant’s most powerful and enduring heroes.”

Scroll down to see the first set of comics from the four-issue miniseries and to read the full synopsis.

The David Mack A covers for War Mother #1-4
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War Mother #1 Cover A

War Mother #2 Cover A

War Mother #3 Cover A

War Mother #4 Cover A

Synopsis for War Mother

Two millennia from today, Earth is not the hospitable home we once we knew. Ravaged by an endless onslaught of war, disaster, and time, the world is littered with desolate badlands, fortified kingdoms, and secretive enclaves where humanity still clings to life… Enclaves like The Grove – Earth’s last known repository of scientific knowledge and bioengineered prosperity. Now, under the leadership of the lone protector called War Mother and her sentient sniper rifle, the denizens of The Grove face a critical choice: remain where they are and die, or find a new land and flourish. Can War Mother lead her people out of isolation and reignite the fires of a dying planet? And even if she can locate the distant citadel she seeks, can she fight back the horrors and perverse monstrosities that lurk just beyond her doorstep?

WAR MOTHER #1 (of 4)
Writer: Fred Van Lente
Artist: Stephen Segovia
Blank Cover Also Available
$3.99 | 32 pgs. | T+ | On Sale AUGUST 23rd (FOC – 7/31/17)


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