Image Comics Takes Amelia Earhart ‘Elsewhere’


Elsewhere Cover with Amelia EarhartWhat happened to Amelia Earhart? This question has led to endless speculations and a wild assortment of theories. Now comics/TV writer Jay Faerber (Copperhead, Zoo) and artist Sumeyye Kesgi join to present a new answer to the puzzle: Amelia Earhart didn’t crash, she was transported Elsewhere, to a land full of magic and conflict. While trying to return home, she found herself drawn into a civil war, becoming a freedom fighter in this new land.

This certainly offers the aviatrix a grand and sweeping finale–or new beginning. The art is attention-catching, as well. Image Comics promises that this new comic will be “Teen friendly,” potentially widening its audience. Scroll down for preview images and a full synopsis.

Elsewehre comes out from Image Comics on August 2, 2017.

Elsewhere #1 Cover




Elsewhere Preview Page

Elsewhere preview page

Elsewhere #1 Preview Page

Elsewhere #1 Preview page--Amelia introduces herself

Elsewhere #1 Cover B

Synopsis for Elsewhere

What really happened to famed airwoman Amelia Earhart? As it turns out: a lot.

Somehow transported to a strange new world filled with flying beasts and baffling alien civilizations, Amelia desperately struggles to return home. Along the way, she forges alliances and makes enemies as she goes from aviatrix to freedom fighter in a rebellion against a merciless warlord!

Writer: Jay Faerber
Artist: Sumeyye Kesgin
Publication: August 2, 2017
Publisher: Image Comics


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