Murder of the Elite in the East Hamptons in “Better Homes and Corpses”


Better Homes and CorpsesIn Better Homes and Corpses by Kathleen Bridge, Meg Barrett has recently started her own decorating business that also offers appraisals when one day she runs into her former roommate from one semester in college, Jillian Spenser, descendant of the most important of all the important families from the exceedingly rich East Hamptons. Invited to a party at n’s home, Meg is delighted to get a phone call the day after the party from Jillian’s widowed mother, who wants to hire Meg to go through all the items in the attic to see if there is anything of value there. But when Meg, who narrates the book, shows up at her appointed time, no one answers the bell at the door. Meg then knocks manually, and the door swings open, giving her a view of Jillian cradling her stabbed mother on the floor and acting semi-comatose.

Meg has no intent of investigating the murder, but her business partner,  Elle, takes on the enormous job of cataloguing all the items of Mrs. Spenser, for the benefit of her insurance company, thrusting Meg into the world of the upper crust and detection into murder. In the midst of all this negativity, Meg finds herself drawn to Jillian’s older brother, Cole, who has talked on the phone with his mother and sister but not visited them in 17 years.

This book is enjoyable, but I did find myself getting confused at times with the number of characters, especially since Meg only learns about their positions in relation to the rest of the household late in the book. It would have helped us readers keep straight all the characters in the book to allow us to know more about them earlier in the book. But aside from that, I really did enjoy the book.

Vanessa Daniels provides a solid narration of this book. Her voices provided for each character suit them well. With the book written in first person from Meg’s point of view, Daniels keeps the narration moving without letting it get overly emotional. I particularly enjoyed the listening experience with this book.

I had an enjoyable time reading Better Homes and Corpses and thought the book well written. I will happily recommend it to lovers of cozy mysteries and give it four stars

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