Coco Trailer Will Take Us to Another World


Coco Trailer PosterThe Coco trailer introduces us to what looks like a fun and passionate movie with an interesting and unique story that includes both mystery and wonder. I really appreciate the way it incorporates so many elements, including Mexican culture, aspirations, and a deeper understanding of roots by exploring the world of the dead. This movie is sure to be visually stunning (with Disney Pixar you expect nothing else) and includes new depth and dimension that animated films don’t usually have, as most seem to lean towards more lighthearted.

The main character, Coco, is relatable with his aspirations to master playing the guitar as he watches an old videotape of his idol’s movies by the shrine for Ernesto de la Cruz. He is as passionate as the idol seemed in the video. Coco soaks up every word, particularly, “I have to sing. I have to play! The music — it isn’t just in me, it IS me.” His dog, Dante, accompanies on his journey when they end up in the land of the dead, so that bond is liked to explored as well. I look forward to watching this movie when it comes out in November, and am excited another culture and its story/traditions will be represented on screen. However, I would have hoped there would be more publicity for this beautiful story.

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