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 Animal Jam is here!!! It’s me, Sheri, back again with another review done by my lovely nearly 10 year old daughter, Juliette. Like with Yo-Kai Watch (written by the same author, Eric M. Esquivel) before, she is a huge, I mean, massive Animal Jam fan. My house is full of toys and stuffed animals and she logs into the game every day. So the chance to get this comic was one she lunged at. And jumped about. And hugged me. A lot. So, below is in her own words, how she feels about the new Animal Jam comic.

From Juliette, age 9.

I really love it, and let me just say, that the artwork was amazing. I can’t explain how much I love it. I was also surprised because there was two stories, which, of course, were amazing. The artwork looked very nice. I love the stories, they are just wonderful. I wish for more so many more. Thanks for writing this. I just love it so much.

I liked the first one the most, it was about a giant wooden elephant with phantoms. When they let loose the phantoms in Jamaa, the phantoms tried to take over but Peck and Greely and Cosmo got a giant rock and crushed them. It was so cool.

I also thought it was cool that they gave you a special code for the game. I play the game a lot, so this is fun.

Animal Jam 1 came out from Dynamite on May 24th, so it is available now. Get it for your kids. Trust me, they’ll love you for it.


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