It’s a Cupcake Boot Camp in “Going, Going, Ganache”


Going, Going, GanacheAs Going, Going, Ganache by Jenn McKinlay opens, Mel and Angie, proprietors of the Fairy Tale Cupcakes bakery, are posing in 1950s clothing and hairdo for a photo shoot for an article about their bakery in a major magazine focused on the Southwest. As the creative director unhappily tries to create a better scene, the women’s archenemy, Olivia Puckett, arrives on the scene in her own 50s clothing and bearing her own cupcakes from her own bakery. She flings a cupcake at Angie, getting it stuck in her rigid beehive hairdo, starting a cupcake battle between the women and two employees of the bakery on one side and Olivia on the other. Now that the photo shoot has become a disaster and cost the magazine thousands of dollars, the new owner of the publication makes a stern decision.

Impressed by the unity of the employees of the bakery with the women who own it and upset at the major personal conflicts he sees within his own magazine, Ian Hannigan decides that the best way for the women to make amends is to host a cupcake boot camp for his entire team in the hopes of teaching them to work together. Things don’t work out quite as they hope the first day, with the stern, bully editor getting into a fight with the creative director and Mel’s getting accidentally punched in the eye, knocking her out completely. Early the next morning, going to unlock the back door, Mel sees a hand on the ground and discovers the body of one of her boot campers, Sam, beaten to death. The pain meds from her eye injury must have knocked her out enough to sleep through any noise from the murder. In the midst of the cupcake boot camp, Mel works to locate the murderer of Sam.

As I listened to this book, I became totally immersed in the world of Mel, Angie, and their friends. I enjoyed the setting of the Cupcake boot camp so much that I almost forgot that I was listening to a mystery and got caught up in the story enough that when the murder happened, I was almost taken aback. The story came so alive that I felt I was part of their lives, experiencing their highs and lows with them and laughing aloud at the fun scenes.

Susan Boyce returns to perform the narration of this book and continues to delight. She helps to take us to this creative world and make Mel, Angie, and their friends become our friends. I really enjoy the narration that Boyce contributes to this book.

Going, Going, Ganache is a terrific addition to the Cupcake Bakery series. While the mystery itself takes less time in this book than in the previous books, the book itself is a total delight because the lives of the characters come across in such a fun way that I loved the book. I give it five stars!

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