‘Deadpool and Philosophy’ Provides a Little Killing With Your Kierkegaard


If you’ve preferred a character that breaks the fourth wall and faces to breaking open a Philosophy textbook, that is entirely understandable in many cases. Editors Nicholas Michaud and Jacob Thomas May are trying to change that up a little bit with their new collection Deadpool and Philosophy from Open Court Publishing. If you’ve always wanted a little more killing with your Kierkegaard or maybe have Deadpool crash your Philosophy course, this book is a fantastic place to start.

Deadpool and Philosophy does not just focus on the movie (thankfully). Quite a few authors delve directly into the comic books storylines, including team ups with Captain America, Wolverine, and the X-Men and their influences on our Merc with a Mouth. Ever wonder if the fourth wall is a completely inaccurate concept? Does Deadpool actually sort of fit into the concept of Joseph Campbell’s hero? Prepare to have your mind blown with the use of pop culture and famous philosophers. Just don’t expect all the essays to agree with one another. Some of the authors make it a point to call out their other authors as incorrect. Deadpool is also more than happy to butt into random articles and give his own take as well.

Be prepared for a lot of swearing. I mean, so much swearing. Don’t give this book to your kids. Feel free to share it with a foul-mouthed Academic and discuss at leisure.

Deadpool and Philosophy is now available from Open Court Press.


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