Anno Dracula #3


 Oh Anno Dracula, don’t ever change. You are strange, a tad confusing, but always delightful.  So my first though upon reading this issue was, is it wrong that I kinda want Graf Von Orlok’s (see cover) coat? I mean it needs a good wash, but otherwise it’s a pretty cool looking coat. Yes I know I’m weird. And…I’m moving on.

So in this issue we meet the aforementioned Graf Von Orlok who never utters a single word, merely fondles mice in a seriously creepy way. But the other more important thing is, we find out who is the spy among the Seven Days of the Week crew. And no, I’m not telling. I was surprised, it honestly wasn’t who I thought it was, and I’m quite curious how it will pan out moving forward. I imagine that the Jubliee is going to be an interesting time.

And moving on to the Jubilee and it’s planner, the lovely and apparently sociopathic, Penelope.  She is the kind of vamp who gives zero cares about what she does, who she does it with, and how it all blends into the doom of the situation. I kinda like her. She’s a lady who wants to climb the ladder and she is doing it any way possible. For a fictional character that’s pretty cool, but of all the people in this story, she’s the one I’d less like to meet in a dark alley.

So this issue is a I feel leading up to this Jubilee where I believe something is going to happen. Something huge probably. Between crazy Penelope, the Seven Days of the Week, and the Asian Vampire who I still can’t figure out, something will go down. I doubt Dracula gets killed, but an attempt surely.

What I do know is there was a vampire Walrus in this issue and if that isn’t the coolest thing ever, I don’t know what is.


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