Attack on Titan Season 2


 Okay I still can’t believe this is who this is…but I guess I have to move on, because the anime is.  My third recap of four, episodes 32,33,and 34 is basically a whole lot of me going, “what?”

This season of Attack on Titan seems to be moving at a much slower pace then the first one did, and considering the brevity of the season I fear that I’m going to be spending the rest of my summer reading all the manga. There is still a lot going on, and I still love it, but man..the waiting to find out the reason behind what is going on might kill me.

So in this round we get, Episode 32: Close Combat – The only episode with real action. And by action I mean, Eren getting his butt handed to him by the armored titan. That battle was epic and I thought really well paced.

Episode 33: The Hunters – more back story. All the backstory.  A sorta slow episode that really only stood to explain just how pig headed Eren is. I feel like this is just set up for him trying to get away from the those dunderheads who kidnapped him. Although, Eren is a hot head, always has been, and it may yet prove to be his downfall. Especially since he doesn’t have Mikasa there to rescue him. Though she is on her way.

and Episode 34: Opening – I’m calling this the episode where we all realize Reiner is crazy, and not in a good way. It appears that his mind may have fractured, because dunderhead is losing it while sitting in that tree. Although this is another slow episode, it does raise a few questions about Ymir and the difference in the titans. Also, her morality is a huge question at this point. Though, I think my favorite part was her calling the beast titan a monkey….lol

I currently have so many questions that I don’t believe will be answered by the end of this season and with the worry that I may have to wait another 3 years for a new season, my next stop will be the manga. I’m not worried about spoiling the show for myself, I just hate not knowing what is going on. So, tune in in three weeks for the last round of Attack on Titan Season 2 wrap up! (I’ll probably be screaming and cursing a lot. I’m betting on a cliffhanger, followed by my quick trek to the bookstore.)


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