A Mother and Son Review: Mickey Mouse #20


My five-year-old son and I read Mickey Mouse #20 from cover to cover. He enjoyed each of the stories, although I did need to explain some of the events to him, especially in the first story where Mickey Mouse is framed by Doublejoke.  The story was obviously a continuing drama, but the author included salient points from previous stories so that we did not have any difficulty understanding the part we read. This issue also included an amusing story, told by Goofy, of the how pizza and discus throwing were invented at the same time.  Mickey Mouse again starred in the mystery of the art collection where each framed picture showed a famous mouse who had suddenly disappeared.  In one room, Mickey found puzzling pictures of himself, although he had never posed for the pictures.  This mystery will continue in following issues.  As I read aloud, even my two-year-old daughter stayed next to us, and she studied the colorful drawings.

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Mickey Mouse #20
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